We as a company pride ourselves on understanding that all companies use their workspace in different ways. Over the past 20 years we have developed multiple industry relationships allowing us to work with clients creating solutions that meet their needs.

Through doing this, combined with our experience in areas such as interior design, modern technology and furniture, we have been able to create unique workspaces that express company cultures, inspire workforces and increase the efficiencies of workspaces.


Our engaging approach begins with understanding what an organisation, their staff and external stakeholders need from a workspace.  From here the end goal using furniture solutions, spatial planning and modern technology is to achieve the optimum strategy to move the build forward.

At Design Office we start the client journey with the goal of making ideas a reality. Our in house experts have the ability to create everything from a 3D walkthrough to detailed space plans, giving the client a tangible view of what their workspace could become.  Working with clients in this close manner allows us to create and build interior solutions in a time and cost efficient way, whilst keeping the client involved 100% of the time.

Space Planning

The efficient use of space in a workplace is one of the most important factors for most companies when running their day to day business.

Our approach to space planning is focused on allowing the client to see the most valuable strategy when using a given space. Whether it is relocation, refurbishment or simply a rejuvenation of an old space, our use of space planning allows the client to see more value from the space than they previously thought.

Office Design

Every firm has its own identity and culture. We believe this should run throughout the firm’s workspaces.

Our aim with design is to understand these identification markers and have this running throughout the project. Done correctly this improves productivity, streamlines organisations and transforms the way workers align with company ideologies.

Our approach builds out these concepts using, details designs, products and graphics, giving the correct impression to both staff and customers.


The correct purchase and placement of product are vital to a successful workspace.

Whether it is a new or a second hand product, our furniture professionals work closely with all clients to handpick the best choice. Our outstanding relationships with multiple providers gives customers a much better selection and buying power, which overall means a better choice.

Our design team can also design one off bespoke product if needed, samples of which can be viewed via 3D visuals or illustrations.

Office Fit-Outs & Installations

During a workplace fit out, communication and organisation is key.

At Design Office Consultancy every project is given a designated project manager. They will draw up specific time lines, order product, monitor deliveries and liaise with any other parties if they are involved in the project.

These guidelines are the same for all projects including bespoke installation and jobs phased over time.


Site Clearances

Whether it is only a couple of items being removed or multiple workstations being disposed of, we are office clearance experts. All work will fully comply with the relevant legislation that a particular job requires. All clearances are done to the highest environmental standards, with minimal time, cost and inconvenience.

Our main goal is to cut down costs, both to clients and for the environment. We achieve this by recycling and reusing more than most of our competitors, meaning our clearance costs are often much less.