Hotter chose Design Office Consultancy to re design and modernise their head office in Skelmersdale. A multi stage process which saw a complete over hall to all aspects of the company’s interior aesthetics.

Working in conjunction with Hotter’s facilities team, we were given a brief to modernise the interior of the building, whilst utilising the optimum space output. The plan was to create a company standard from the build. Using contract work, furniture, lighting and space planning all the above objectives were met. The company now has a very modern office which uses space in a much smarter way than it did previously.


  • Mixture of 1200w & 1400 w x 600d  bench desks used in conjunction with the latest phone systems & technology, not to waste any space.
  • Company colour noise cancelling screens
  • Training and meeting rooms complete with portable desks, inbuilt educational white boards and in built smart screens
  • In build store wall
  • Product displays
  • Modern break out areas giving a space for both collaborative work and thinking spaces
    Company manifestations running throughout the build

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